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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Fabric Tissue Paper Tutorial Outcome

One of my fellow artists had posted this link fabric tissue paper tutorial on our FB page and it fascinated me. How to use scraps of material and tissue paper and Gesso and Modpodge to make flexible fabric paper! So.. I did it! Here are the results. The only Modpodge I had was the glitter kind which did just beautifully!
And then I got to manipulate and trim them into 2 index card sized pieces fabric swap for the AASG group. It was so easy to paint (Tim Holtz distress acrylic paint daubers worked very well and were so easy to apply) and spread colour around on. After it dried, I applied neutral shoe polish with a soft buffer as a sealer on top.

TA DA! Just do it, it was really fun. I will upload pictures later of how I used it for myself in my art journal when I finish the page.

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