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Friday, 12 February 2016

AASG- Favourite Author/Story/Poem DAJ, February Challenge

I am actually the one that suggested the theme for this months A.A.S.G. Deconstructed Art Journal page swap challenge, and I am the one that has been the most slack in getting it done! I have recently been a little obsessed with Alice in wonderland, more so since the Tim Burton movie version came out. Not with the movie or book or plot but the characters and the depth to them that has been given by being played by certain actors or written by certain authors.  Of course, I had GRAND plans in my head of what i wanted this D.A.J. to look like with Stamps, paint and die-cuts...and then I had to go back to work...The bills need paying right? Before I knew it, the due date for the project had rolled around and all I had done was stick my background page onto my card stock and do the outline and lettering in Sharpie!
I had just purchased a gorgeous set of Japanese solid water colours, called Kuretake Gansai Tambi. My first REAL set of water colours. They were almost too pretty to use. My first step was to fill out the colour swatch on the inside of the lid (which was covered in a green linen with the name embossed in Gold).

After that I thought why not? So I painted the background to this piece using these watercolours and watched it come to life. I love how you can still see the text of the dictionary through the colours.

 The other side is dedicated to one of my favourite childhood authors Enid Blyton.  I blended the background with Distress Paint and a baby wipe, then stuck on a photocopied picture of Mrs B I found off the Internet. Then I just doodled in the names of some of her famous books. Voila! Hope you get some sparks of inspiration from this.


  1. Very clever ideas, love both pages

  2. Oh I love your pages Deb :) and the watercolour just sings

  3. I was a huge fan of Enid Blyton back in my school days. Your DAJ is wonderful and I am sure the lucky partner who gets it will adore it. Love both pages.

  4. Much thanks for all your positivity :)

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  6. Fantastic interpretation of the months DAJ theme. love the way you have starred Mrs Blyton. I too loved her writing as a kid, but I kinda went off her, after I read her biography and learned how she treated her children and kept them so apart, so she could concentrate on her world of fantasy and writing.

  7. I would love to read her autobiography. Its amazing the different layers famous people have. What the public knows and what they don't. Sad that the joy she bought to millions was at the expense of her familys reminds us that we're all human at the end of the day I guess.
    Thanks for the comments everyone!

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