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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Adding Texture and Dimension to air dry clay AND my first youtube Video!

This video thing is a huge learning curve for me. I love watching tutorials on different techniques and products. I had signed up to a swap where I had to make 10, 2x2 inch tiles to send to my partner. Initially we were to use cardboard, paper etc but then I thought to use the pack of DAS air dry clay I had sitting there. But I needed it to be the thickness of chipboard and I wanted texture and dimension.
So out came the manual pasta rolling machine that was still in its box in the cupboard. I got my supplies together, got my hubby's Go Pro and the rest is history. I do however take my hat off to all the You tubers out there that do videos all the time.

Here is the link for my video on using embossing folders with air dry clay to get texture:
Unfortunately, I only found the clamp to hold the machine to the table AFTER I had shot the video. Isn't that always the way??

Otherwise, here are some pics of using stamps on clay.

These babies have all been sent of to be distributed without being painted so that others can customize them to their own projects. I love using Silks acrylic glaze pints to paint them though, and covering them in a hi gloss varnish like JOSONJA's . I will post more pictures another time when the project I am using them in is finished.

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