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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hello Me! 
I can't believe I forgot I had created a blog! So much has changed since I started this but at the same time so much hasn't changed. We are back living in Perth again and our years in the bush were some of the best we have experienced as a family. I lost interest/passion for scrap booking for awhile but I knew I still wanted to create things. While I was in Leinster, a friend took me down to "the Cottage" in Leinster where some ladies were giving Quilting classes. I had tried to do this by myself previously but with no guidance. I had bought all the "wrong" fabrics for quilting and struggles to understand the sewing jargon like seams and nesting and grain of fabric. So going to the Cottage for lessons was the highlight of my week.
My Daughters Quilt called Kite Flight! I made the quilt top and a lovely lady called Margaret Cooper from Margaret Cooper Quilting, did the sandwich quilting on her long arm machine.
My son Jake's quilt with a Squares Squared pattern.

 I met such lovely ladies who inspired and taught me. We were given the opportunity to transform the Cottage into an Art and Craft Cottage and an Op shop combined. A committee was formed for this not for profit organisation, and this little cottage became my second home in our remote community. I helped coordinate and facilitate Card making, School holiday art and craft for the kids and mixed media/painting workshops too. During this time, We organised artists to visit as well. A most memorable lady Cher Shakleton from Shackleton Galleries, came and taught us how to "throw clay" on our Pottery wheels.  I learnt so much form this lovely lady! which reminds me... I must try to get in touch with her now I am back and say Hello!
Anyway, too much has happened and time gone for me to try and cramm it all in here, so I will just continue to blog about things from this point and hope for the best.

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